"On all occasions the professionalisim with which each process was executed has been exquisite, both to the company and to the candidates that have been incorporated in the selection process.

Providing valuable resources that we lacked internally, making it possible to reach the different strategies set by the company. The human resources incorporated have been of a very high level, providing experience, jugdment and the vision to the future I undoubtedly recommed their services."

By: Vicente Vegazo Rivero
Former Director of Organization and Human Resources
Abengoa México


"RHHR Group is a company committed with the requirements of their clients, with an excellent personal touch and great professionalism at the moment of setting goals, following up the process and fulfilling the expectations agreed. I personally think that RHHR Group knows how to understand and interpret appropriaterly the requirements, showing knowledge of the digiral industry (in my case) and the dedication to satisfy the demands in a timely manner."

By: Arnaldo Hernandez
T2O Media México


"The are a Company that has accomplished to understand the specific needs of very particular sectors like ours (construction) regarding Human Resources solutions, in response to this, they collaborate with executives that in a first professional stage have been involved in these sectors so they have the sensibility to undestand what their clients need and the relation eith professionals of the same sector with whom they shared directly or indirectly the same path.

They have inderstood immediately the profile of co-workers that we need, they manage in an agile way un the sector and have provided multiple choices for each of our needs. Taking into account that managerial and directing positions are really diffucult to satisfy, they have managed well. The attentions is direct and personalized, I would definitely recommend them and hire their services again."

By: Luis Embriz
Grupo Hycsa


"They area a professional and reliable Company, it is worth to be part of their customer base because they have the positions that can be of interest. In the same way, they are really good to find profiles that are very specific and hard to find."

By: Alejandro Sánchez Vega

"They are a professional and serious-minded Company, their personnel has a dedicated attite according to the nees of their clients. The treatment was excellent and I was flattered by the way that I was rewarded by being part of the process.

They offered first class services, according to the needs of their clients and the people they represent. I would recommend them to any person that I know that has or not the need of changing your course and going foward with your profession."

By: Alejandro Avendaño Tapia

"I consider that RHHR Group is a professional and practical Company, offering effective solutions to their clients. The treatment was warm and clear as to the expectations for me and for the process, tha following up of the process is personalized and satisfying.

The range of services that they offer is complete offering integral solutions to their clients obtaining efficiency and productivity, reaching total satisfactions as a consequience I would definitely recommend them."

By: Javier Perera Ramírez