It was during the first years of the decade, when a group of partners, famous for their initiative, dedication and creativity got together, with the dream of creating a modern company of Headhunting.

Soon after, the dream sees light. What just was the start of a project becomes a reality and RHHR Group is born, a great company created with hope, love, hard work and commitment. A company that begins to take it first steps walking hand in hand with a team of professionals that each day make the effort to give their very best.

Not long after and supported by several companies that know the importance of investing in their people, RHHR Group grows to create what is now a great family. A company formed by many business units capable of delivering a wide range of HR services, Headhunting, Staffing, Evaluations, Corporate Diagnostics, Organizational Development, Leadership Training, Legal Support on Labor issues, Payroll Management and Outplacement.

A company that in its eagerness to go further, introduces itself with regional offices in Mexico, Panama, Peru and Colombia, offices from which we are able to deliver complete HR services to any part of Latin America.

As leader in Human Resources and Innovation, RHHR Group seeks to inspire the next generation, sharing our knowledge in conferences for young professionals, magazines and publications offering advice of modern strategies of continuous improvement in human resources.

Our bet is clear, we believe in economical growth through innovation, quality and guarantee, social commitment and the strictest respect for environmental care, achieving products and systems conceived to give solutions to the challenges our clients face in regards to their people, developing and updating constantly with new solutions, that in many occasions are a world premier and creating definitive cutting edge services of exceptional quality.

Year after year, working with the same goal of offering the best of ourselves, achieving our objectives, firmly willing to move forward, striving to grow every day and reaching for new goals year after year. Yet, above all, fulfilling our initial commitment, the one that inspired us and that we will never forget: The dream of always being “Trusted by the best!”.




Being able to transform challenges into business opportunities , achieving the success of our customers through integrated HR solutions
To be recognized as the number one go-to company for human capital solutions, in any part of the world.





Every day we strive to exceed our expectations.
We are able to transform a challenge into a business opportunity.
We remember to say thank you.
We always look for the best ways to do our job.
We treat our clients and colleagues as we ourselves would like to be treated.
We are close and attentive with our clients and colleagues.
We look for new areas where we can support our clients.
We continually improve our processes in order to render the best service possible.