We invest our efforts in generating profit that reflects a strong demand for our services and a solid execution of the projects entrusted to us around Latin America. We have an ambitious vision for the next decade: "Create a firm that is able to enrich our clients and therefore consistently be their first choice for comprehensive HR services anywhere in the world."

We believe in the Corporate Responsibility of taking care of our employees, our environment and inspiring the next generations

To us, the people that work in a company are the most important resource. We therefore do our best to care for everyone who works for us and help us transform our vision into reality. We know that our success is defined by the ability our employees have to create and innovate the strategies for our clients with the purpose of creating extraordinary results.

We create a safe, respectful, honest and ethical working environment that allows our employees to grow within and outside of the job. In our day to day we try to transmit to others our success in this type of philosophy and support them in implementing similar concepts.

Caring for our planet is part of our daily lives. We believe that we play a fundamental role in finding solutions that help lower the pollution of our planet. We are a company that pride ourselves in having sustainable business practices because of the way we work in minimizing the environmental impact of our operation, designing ways to reduce our energy and water consumption as well as ways to recycle. Since we started we have been able to reduce our energy consumption by more than 70% per employee.

RHHR Group company leader in innovation we feel it equally important to be able to inspire the next generations. We are a strong advocate of economical growth for our employees, our community and our company. We believe that a stable growth hinges on several things: the availability of well prepared people, a healthy ecosystem of new ideas and caring leaders all of which is achieved through the quality of the education and the access to technology.

In and effort to transform the education we participate in free seminars directed to students and train our best employees on a continuous basis.

RHHR Group is focused on continuous improvement working with other organizations in the development of better practices or social responsibility. In the years to come we will keep increasing the expectations we have towards ourselves and what we hope to achieve.

As one of the best know HR companies in Latin America we feel obligated to do things right. Driven by the corporate responsibility that we feel, we create value for our customers helping them save cost, protect their value as a brand and develop opportunities in new markets.

One of our priorities is to integrate young talent since they will be the future leaders, although by no means discard the people that bring decades of experience to our company.

We involve ourselves proactively in their training and development, making them see the importance of professional ethics, the human values that we believe in and inspiring them to contribute to creating a better world.